Hungarian Kendo, Iaido and Jodo

Bp. 1073. Dob Str. 80. I./12.
mobil: +36 20 460 2565
tel./fax: +36 1 342 0034

EKC 2017


Welcome you on our online Hungary Kendo Cup website!

Hungarian Kendo, Iaido & Jodo Federation (HKF) would like to invite all your Kendokas to our annual event.

We are proud to be the host for the European Kendo Federation 6-7.dan examination. Prior to that 1,5 days Seminar lead by All Japan Kendo Federation’s Senseis and we are going to have individual taikai on Sunday.No team taikai this year!

Registration for 6th and 7th dan examination as handled by EKF are to be made by National Federations on the EKF website ( until 14 days prior to the exam at the latest. By the same date the application fee has to be received on the EKF Bank account.

The link and fees are coming up soon.

Thank you for your attention!